Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solidaritas Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Philipina atas penyerangan polisi terhadap Sekretariat GMKI

Lambang SCM Philipina
Greetings of Solidarity from SCM Philippines

Dear friends in GMKI,

Warm greetings of solidarity from SCMPhilippines!
We join you in indignation about the violent dispersal of GMKI protest, raid
and arrest of the GMKI members and leaders on March 30.

We were a little bit late in drafting a statement for the incident.
We are sorry that it came late but let us update if the there are new development there .
We were informed by Sunita that you were released already.

Please let us know if there are actions from our end that you would like to request

May the Liberating spirit always be with you as you join the struggle for economic justice
and liberation of people of Indonesia.

In solidarity,

SCM Philippines


Statement of the SCMP on the violent dispersal and police arrest of GMKI protesters

The Student Christian Movement of the Philippines condemns in strongest terms the overkill deployment of police forces and repression of the protests which was joined by Student Christian Movement of Indonesia (GMKI) against the incessant oil price hikes in Indonesia on March 30.

What the GMKI protest message is a legitimate demand echoing the broader Indonesian society’s call to stop and control oil prices in Indonesia. It is a just cause to condemn the charlatan-like raid of multi-national and giant oil cartels through its monopoly-pricing on oil products to the detriment of the Indonesian public. The speculation of cartels like Chevron, Exxon-Mobil etc. on oil makes their super-profit quadruple aside from the usual monopoly pricing and over-pricing which are heavily burdening the common people. Basic commodity prices, fare hikes and inflation hit the poor common people. People cannot see the rationale of this especially an oil-producing country like Indonesia.

On March 30, various cause-oriented and peoples organizations assembled in government building nationwide to demand from Parliament to subsidize oil products and control oil price hike in Indonesia. The Front Perjuagan Rakyat reports that around 200 people were arrested nationwide during the national protest against oil price hike on March 30. In the capital around 20 people were arrested.

We deplore the massive police deployment of around 8 trucks, hundreds of police, prison trucks against peaceful protests. The measly 20 rallyists and members of GMKI in their assembly point at Jl. Diponegoro, Central Jakarta was faced with brute force from police. The violent dispersal, the raid of the GMKI office after the running-chase with them is a clear indication of the intent to attack the youth group itself and threaten the general peoples’ opposition.

We condemn the arrest of GMKI national president and 19 more leaders in the raid at their office and demand an investigation on the police for excessive use of force and repressiveness.

We call on the Indonesian government to respect the grievances of the people and their right to express and peaceably assemble in public places.

We join the Indonesian people in their calls to end the economic burden brought about by monopoly-capitalists on basic necessities such as oil, and join Indonesian people in their quest for economic justice.

Student Christian Movement of the Philippines

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